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Your business has gone too long without having a domain name.

ProfileBuilder.com is a domain registrar for start up companies and small business owners.

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Customer Support

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Clutter free, intuitive tools for managing your domain assets.


Your other domains are welcome here. We make transfers easy.

Reminders & Alerts

Know exactly what is going on with your domains, all of the time.

Auto Renewals

Stop letting your domain expire when you don't want it to.

Premium Domains

Want to buy a domain that is already taken. We can help guide you.

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You no longer have a choice as a business person to not care about your companies internet presence. To remain competitive you have got to have a domain name.
There are so many different domain extensions it can be overwhelming. We believe that when you are building a brand, you've got to focus on 2 only, the .com and .net versions of your domain.
The internet is very close to have over 150,000,000 domain names registered. Over 109 million of them are .com. There are over 125,000 new domain names registered every day.

We want to help you build your online brand, and help protect it.